Interview: Writing Accessible Copy

Interview: Writing Accessible Copy. Colorful spotlights and a microphone.
Watch an interview with Kayleen Holt for the Learning Content Accessibility Spotlight about writing accessible copy.

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Ivett Csordas recently interviewed me for the Learning Content Accessibility Spotlight, which highlights a different topic every other week to raise awareness about accessibility. Our chat focused on writing accessible copy. You can watch the video on YouTube below.

Here's What We Talked About

  • How writing skills fit in with accessibility
  • Three considerations for writing accessible copy
  • Plain language (and zombies!)
  • Tips for captions and transcripts
  • Tools for checking your copy

I have one small correction to make: In the interview, I said that each line of captions should be 50 characters or fewer. The correct standard is 32 characters or fewer.

The Interview

Watch the interview on YouTube by selecting the video below. Or, if you prefer, you can read the transcript.


Many thanks to Ivett Csordas and the Learning Content Accessibility Spotlight for the opportunity to chat about two of my favorite things—writing and accessibility. If you’re not already subscribed to the LCA newsletter, I encourage you to fix that now!

Here are some resources mentioned in the interview and a few others to help with writing accessible copy.

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