We get ridiculously excited about helping people learn. 

We’re not ashamed to admit it—we’re learning geeks. We thrive on stretching our creative wings to design and develop innovative solutions to performance challenges. 

We create custom learning experiences that get results. Our specialties include scenario-based learning, flipped classroom designs, and remote learning that feels as engaging as an in-person class. 

We especially love creating content that helps to make the world a better place—such as mental wellness education, first responder training, leadership development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

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When a performance gap exists, the first step is to identify why. Then we can determine the solution—and whether it involves learning and development. 

We are adept at many types of learning, training, and organizational needs assessments, including action mapping, job task analysis, audience analysis, and gap analysis. Our methods include conducting observations, surveys, interviews, and focus groups, and—of course—good old-fashioned data analytics.

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Our expert facilitators are skilled at guiding subject matter experts through task analysis discussions, with an emphasis on what the target audience needs to be able to do and the supporting knowledge that will enable them to perform those tasks. We are able to bring together SMEs with disparate points of view and guide them to consensus in order to identify learning solutions and gather content. 


Many times, training isn’t the answer to a performance problem. Often, the solution involves improving and documenting processes and providing easy-to-use performance support tools. 

We can work hand-in-hand with you to flesh out your processes and get them in writing. We can also revise your existing employee support materials to use plain language and visual design principles for user-friendly, at-a-glance quick reference.

We develop:

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We can assist with:

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