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Sample Projects

Scenario-Based eLearning Course Development

Overview: Developed a one-hour introductory-level eLearning course including two realistic scenarios to teach medical librarians about:

  • The research process
  • Formulating a research question
  • Choosing a methodology to match the research question
  • Common practical and ethical research considerations
  • Ways to improve research rigor

Tools: Storyline 360, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Google Docs

Date: 2021

Computer on a desk, displaying a sample eLearning course with a Latina woman in her 50s sitting at a table speaking to the camera, with speech bubbles next to her. See long description.

Computer on a desk displaying a screen from an eLearning course. The course shows a Latina woman in her 50s sits at a table, gesturing while speaking. Two speech bubbles are beside her with the following text:

I just got off the phone with the Associate Dean. She says we have to cut $25,000 from next year's budget. I'd prefer that the cuts come from collections, not staff.

I need your help to determine the least painful cuts—minimizing the impact on patrons. I have to give her an answer before the next budget meeting. That gives us about two months to do an analysis to make a smart decision.

The image includes a "Continue" button and a "Go back" button. 

Process Improvement and Curriculum Development

Overview: We are working closely with Mike Veny, Inc. on an ongoing basis to help achieve their mission of helping people receive the gift of emotional wellness through unique learning experiences designed to empower personal and professional growth. This support includes establishing, revising, and documenting curriculum development processes, as well as designing and helping to develop online courses and in-person presentations.

Tools: Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Kajabi, Survey Monkey

Date: 2021

Presentation screen showing a slide with a silhouette of a girl sitting with her head in her hands. The silhouette is filled with words like "pain," "grief," "sadness," "anxiety," "loss," "sickness," "disappointment," "blues," "anger," "misery," and "pressure."

Next to the image are the words "Mental Health Challenges Are on the Rise GLOBALLY," with an icon of a globe.

Course Development, Project Management, Analysis, and Writing

Overview: We have provided multiple types of services for VOICES Center for Resilience (formerly Voices of September 11), including instructional design and curriculum development, project management, data analysis, and technical writing.

Tools: Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, Camtasia

Date: 2016–2021

Audience looking at a presentation screen displaying a sample slide titled Voices of Experience: Helping Communities Heal After Traumatic Events. Presented by Voices of September 11.

Audience looking at a presentation screen displaying a slide titled, "Voices of Experience: Helping Communities Heal After Traumatic Events. Presented by Voices of September 11th."

The slide background is expressionist artwork representing the view of a clear blue sky, as if looking upward between the twin towers in New York City on the morning of September 11, 2001, before the planes struck the towers.

Leadership Program Development and Virtual Learning Conversion

Overview: We are providing curriculum development services to a global defense, aerospace, and security company. We are incorporating interactive games, animations, scenario-based activities, and hands-on practice. This work includes development of eLearning, virtual instructor-led training (VILT), and face-to-face instructor-led training.

Tools: Storyline 360, Microsoft Office, Webex, Adobe Creative Cloud

Date: 2020–2021

Laptop computer displaying a sample game board titled "Finance Feud," modeled after the TV game show Family Feud. Text reads "Team 1 get ready to play. Select the arrow to start the round." Four answers are on the board but not yet revealed, and two teams show zero points each.

Learning Needs Analysis

Overview: We conducted an organizational learning needs analysis for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (as a subcontractor to Howard Video and C2 Technologies). 

Due to the confidential nature of the information analyzed for this project, work samples cannot be shown.

Tools: Microsoft Office, SurveyMonkey, Zoom, Teams

Date: 2020–2021

Presentation screen in a conference room displaying five steps of an organizational learning needs analysis. See long description.

People looking at a presentation screen in a conference room. The screen it titled, "Organizational Learning Needs Analysis Process" and shows five steps:

  1. Initial Data Analysis
    • Core Competencies
    • Leadership Competencies
    • Scientific and Regulatory Competencies
    • Previous LNA Reports
  2. LNA Survey
    • Demographics
    • Learning Preferences
    • Perceived Learning Needs
    • Coaching and Mentoring Needs
    • Competency Self-Assessments
  3. Focus Groups
    • Individual Contributors
    • Team Leads
    • Supervisors
    • Managers
    • Learning Coordinators
  4. Executive Interviews
    • Office Directors
    • Deputy Directors
    • Designees
  5. Additional Data Analysis
    • Survey Results by Office and Role
    • Comparison of Survey Results with Qualitative Data from Focus Groups and Interviews
    • Review of Available Courses

Data from these five steps roll up into the Learning Needs Analysis Report.

LBGTQ+ Allyship Training

Overview: We are developing a blended program based on the Safe Zone Project training. Our program includes:

  • An eLearning course to introduce terminology, explain foundational concepts, and explore fundamentals of being an LGBGT+ ally
  • An instructor-led portion, which can be done virtually or in person, for rich discussions and collaborative exercises 

Tools: Storyline 360, Zoom, Photoshop, Microsoft Office

Date: 2021

Desktop computer displaying an Learning course titled "LGBTQ+ Allyship" with six silhouettes of people in rainbow colors. Adapted from the Safe Zone Project.


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