The text, "We create learning experiences that make a difference" over a purple and blue background and photo of someone's hands on the keyboard of a laptop computer.

Welcome! This portfolio represents a small sample of our work. Have a look around and reach out if you like what you see.

Sample Projects

Scenario-Based eLearning Development

Overview: Developed a one-hour eLearning course that uses two realistic scenarios to teach medical librarians introductory concepts related to the research process.

Tools: Storyline 360, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Google Docs

Date: 2021

woman holding a laptop computer on which an eLearning screen is displayed

Woman holding a laptop computer that displays a screen from an eLearning course. The course shows a Latina woman in her 50s sitting at a table, with her hand on her chin. A speech bubble reads, "Kayleen, what do you think is the best way to begin?" The screen has three answer choices and a "Learn More" button.

Microlearning Development

Overview: Developed microlessons to help caregivers navigate the challenges of supporting a person who may be thinking of suicide. The course includes scenarios and reflection activities. This was a volunteer project for TrainOn Powered by EdApp, using content from the client, Suicide Is Different.

Tools: EdApp

Date: 2021

A person holds a mobile phone on which a microlearning course is displayed. The screen shows the question, "What areas might you set boundaries for? and three answer choices.

Learning Experience Design Support for an Online Course Creator

Overview: We are working closely with Mike Veny, Inc. on an ongoing basis. This support focuses on analyzing learning needs, researching content, designing online courses, developing supporting materials, and building courses in Kajabi. In addition, we are responsible for establishing, revising, and documenting curriculum development processes in support of the client’s accreditation requirements.

Tools: Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Kajabi, Survey Monkey

Date: 2021

Presentation screen showing a slide with a silhouette of a girl sitting with her head in her hands. The silhouette is filled with words like "pain," "grief," "sadness," "anxiety," "loss," "sickness," "disappointment," "blues," "anger," "misery," and "pressure."

Next to the image are the words "Mental Health Challenges Are on the Rise GLOBALLY," with an icon of a globe.

Course Development, Project Management, Analysis, and Writing

Overview: We have provided multiple types of services for VOICES Center for Resilience (formerly Voices of September 11), including   instructor-led training development, project management, data analysis, writing, and editing.

Tools: Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, Camtasia

Date: 2016–2021*

*Before founding Scissortail in 2020, Kayleen worked as a freelancer

Audience looking at a presentation screen displaying a sample slide titled Voices of Experience: Helping Communities Heal After Traumatic Events. Presented by Voices of September 11.

Audience looking at a presentation screen displaying a slide titled, "Voices of Experience: Helping Communities Heal After Traumatic Events. Presented by Voices of September 11th."

The slide background is expressionist artwork representing the view of a clear blue sky, as if looking upward between the twin towers in New York City on the morning of September 11, 2001, before the planes struck the towers.

Blended Learning Development and Virtual Learning Conversion

Overview: We provided instructional design services for a global defense and aerospace company. We incorporated interactive games, animations, immersive scenario-based decision-making activities, and hands-on practice into a skill-building leadership program. This work included development of eLearning, virtual instructor-led training (vILT), and face-to-face instructor-led training.

Tools: Storyline 360, Microsoft Office, Webex, Adobe Creative Cloud

Date: 2020–2021

Laptop computer displaying a sample game board titled "Finance Feud," modeled after the TV game show Family Feud. Text reads "Team 1 get ready to play. Select the arrow to start the round." Four answers are on the board but not yet revealed, and two teams show zero points each.


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