Copyright and Fair Use for L&D

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In this post, which links to an eLearning course, you'll learn about copyright and Fair Use, including four factors courts consider.

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A common misunderstanding I see from instructional designers and other L&D folks is around copyright and Fair Use. Nearly every week, I see questions like these in L&D forums:

  • Am I allowed to use free images I found online?
  • Can we show YouTube videos in an instructor-led class?
  • If I find content on a federal government site, can I use it without permission?
  • Can I use copyrighted images and music for nonprofit educational use?

To help with questions like these, I’ve created a short eLearning course in Articulate Rise about copyright and Fair Use. 

Copyright and Fair Use eLearning Course

The course is free, and you don’t even have to register to take it.

Select this link or the image to check out the course!


I'm not an attorney, and the course is not legal advice.


I’d love your feedback to help improve and expand the course. You can leave your suggestions below or email me at What other questions do you have about copyright and Fair Use?

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Some resources for learning more about copyright and Fair Use are listed below.

In addition, you can find royalty-free music, graphics, and other assets in these past posts:

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