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Who Writes This Blog?

Hi, I’m Kayleen. I’m an instructional designer/learning experience designer and performance improvement consultant. Before coming to instructional design 15 years ago, I was a high school English teacher. I blog about learning & development, storytelling, eLearning scenarios, effective writing, and accessibility. 

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Scenario Writing: Top 5 Pitfalls; title displayed on a tablet held by a man; in the background, a person is falling into a pit

Scenario Writing: Top 5 Pitfalls

Reading Time: 6 minutes By now, most instructional designers agree that scenarios are beneficial for learning. But when writing scenarios for training, how do you craft stories that are realistic in the context of the learner’s job? Start by avoiding these common mistakes when writing eLearning scenarios.

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A framework for eLearning scenarios. Image of a flowchart and a person's hands on a notebook computer keyboard.

A Framework for eLearning Scenarios

Reading Time: 6 minutes Several years ago, my good friend and colleague, Monique, changed the way I approach eLearning scenarios. In her life before instructional design, Monique taught theatre. I was an English teacher, so Monique and I often have spirited conversations about the power of stories for learning. One day, she and I were talking about what makes a good eLearning scenario. She said something like, “It’s all about the Dramatic Arc.” That was one of those lightbulb moments for me, and it’s helped me write better scenarios ever since. In this post, I’ll teach you about how to write eLearning scenarios using the same framework that best-selling authors and Hollywood screenwriters use: the dramatic arc.

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