Scenario-Based eLearning Course Development

Project Overview

The Challenge

Health Science Librarians are often expected or desire to conduct research in their workplace but lack the skills or confidence to do so. Even those who took Research Methods for their MLS may struggle to translate that learning into practice. 

The Solution

Currently developing a one-hour introductory-level eLearning course including two realistic scenarios to teach medical librarians about the research process, formulating a research question, and choosing a methodology to match the research question.

Client: Medical Library Association

Tools: Storyline 360, Photoshop

Year: 2021

Instructional Strategies:

  • Immersive, realistic scenarios
  • Decision points based on real-world job tasks
  • Consequence-based feedback
  • Downloadable job aids and references

Project Samples

NOTE: This project is still in development; the above samples are drafts.

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