Project Overview

The Challenge

When someone you care about is thinking about suicide, you want to help. But how? And how do you take care of yourself in the process?

The website was created to help meet this need. It provides suicide caregivers with interactive tools and support to navigate through the challenges they face.

Suicide Is Different (SID) wanted to extend the reach of their information. They realized that people often go to one particular page of a website, and they wanted a way to provide a more structured experience. They also recognized that people need information they can access anywhere, so they wanted a mobile-friendly course with brief lessons that can be completed on-the-go.

The Solution

SID partnered with TrainOn Powered by EdApp to develop 11 microlessons using the content from the website and incorporating scenarios and reflection questions. The course is available for free at the EdApp website.

This was a group project completed with two other (external) instructional designers as a volunteer effort. We met in weekly workshops to plan the work, share our lessons, and get feedback.

Scissortail developed the following lessons:

  • Exploring the Role of a Suicide Caregiver
  • Spotting Suicide in Your Life
  • Understanding Suicide as a Spectrum
  • Setting Safe Boundaries

Client: Suicide Is Different

Tools: EdApp

Year: 2021

Instructional Strategies:

  • Bite-sized content
  • Frequent questioning and reflection
  • Relatable, realistic scenarios
  • Animated videos (client-provided)

Project Samples

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